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Seven Pathways: Ancient Practices for a Deeper Relationship with God

Explore 'Seven Pathways' for a deeper relationship with God. Learn transformative ancient practices from Mary Carmen Englert's journey, including gratitude, prayer, scripture, music and more.


Seven Pathways: Ancient Practices for a Deeper Relationship with God offers a transformative spiritual journey that equips you with the discipline and daily habits needed to experience a deeper relationship with God. Mary Carmen Englert, the author, understands the longing for God's presence and guides you through simple yet powerful spiritual practices that lead to intimacy with the Creator.

Through her own personal struggle with chronic pain and cancer, Mary Carmen discovered the profound impact of gratitude, prayer, Scripture reading, song, and other spiritual disciplines. In Seven Pathways, you will uncover the benefits of practicing gratitude, hear God's voice through Scripture, develop a meaningful prayer life, find solace in soul-enriching music, deepen your understanding of the Bible, and rediscover the transformative power of Christian meditation. These ancient practices are seamlessly integrated into a daily discipline that will bring the presence of God into your everyday life.

Join us on this extraordinary journey and create a regular rhythm of spending time with God through the Seven Pathways.

Why Seven Pathways?

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  • Experience the exceeding benefits of practicing gratitude regardless of your circumstance.

  • Begin to hear the voice of God speaking to you through Scripture.

  • Find your voice in speaking your heart to God in prayer and discover a practical weekly prayer plan.

  • Refresh and realign your thoughts through soul-enriching music before a noisy crowd of stressors invade.

  • Gain basic insights for digging deeper into Bible study and acquire confidence that the Bible is a trusted source about God.

  • Rediscover the lost art of Christian meditation and its power to release greater peace and wisdom by meditating on God’s Word.

These historical Christian practices are integrated into a simple, creative, daily discipline to help you experience the presence of God in your everyday life.

What People are Saying

“Seven Pathways will impact the world in a similar way as Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God. Spending time with Seven Pathways and in silence before the Lord will deepen your faith and draw you closer to the Lord. Readers will enjoy the journey through the Seven Pathways.”

DR. BILL TAYLORformer director of Sunday School for Lifeway Christian Resources, president of Unlimited Partnerships Inc. author of 21 Truths, Traditions & Trends

“Increased intimacy with God is a goal most Christians desire, but in the busyness of modern life, with a host of distractions and responsibilities, many people are unable to find the time to take the task seriously. In Seven Pathways, she applies and integrates this approach to a modern world, providing practical and duplicatable applications, which can be helpful to anyone.”

GLENN R. KREIDEReditor in chief of Bibliotheca Sacra, Professor of Theological Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary

“In Seven Pathways, Mary Carmen dips her pen into the deep well of her own pain and suffering to write a book of authentic hope, healing, and love–a book that will lift you up, encourage your heart, ease your troubled soul, and provide a pathway (seven, in fact) to the throne of grace.”

REG GRANTThD, chair and senior professor for Department of Media Arts and Worship at Dallas Theological Seminary

“This book offers an honest and refreshing account of trusting God through a difficult season.”

MEGAN ALEXANDERInside Edition and Small Town Christmas Host

“First, a WARNING! This book is way more than you think it is, and it will require way more of you than you may be willing to do. Now a PROMISE. If you walk the path Mary Carmen has laid out, your experience of and intimacy with God will deepen in ways you could not imagine. Her insights are hard earned and thoroughly biblical.”

LLOYD SHADRACHteaching pastor and co-founder of Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN

“Out of her own pain-filled struggles, Mary Carmen Englert invites us on a journey to peace with God. She encourages us to walk with her to discover and rediscover through Scripture the healing grace of God the Father through Jesus Christ. Through simple spiritual disciplines, she beckons us to a deeper life of meaningfulness and joy.”

DR. J. SCOTT HORRELLretired senior professor of Theological Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary

“Biblically anchored, historically reliable, refreshingly transparent, and deeply practical, Mary Carmen’s Seven Pathways will introduce you to Jesus if you have never met Him or it will reheat your walk with Christ if your love for Him has grown cold. In a day filled with chatter and confusion, Mary Carmen is a reliable guide ready to lead you to a place of rest and clarity through the implementation of the Seven Pathways.”

BARRY CHESNEYPhD, discipleship pastor at Valleydale Church in Birmingham, AL

“Indispensable! If you’re seeking a book that will draw your heart to God through spiritual disciplines, look no further than Seven Pathways. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to grow in their faith and develop a closer relationship with Christ.”

CHAD KECKPhD, senior pastor at First Baptist Church Kettering, OH

“This book is life-changing! Whether you are going through trials or not, you will not be able to put this book down as you read and re-read through the pathways to make them a part of your life. Mary Carmen has not wasted her suffering but has chosen to rise above it by implementing these tested truths into her own life and allow the great Physician to begin healing her from within. Be ready to be blessed and walk closer with the loving God who heals and restores.”

MORROW LOTZ REITMEIERBaylor University friend, AnGeL Ministries volunteer, Bible study discipler, and marriage mentor

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