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SEVEN PATHWAYS digital bible study plan

The Perfect Companion to Connect with God

Gift yourself with a daily plan to connect with God, find renewal, and face life's challenges. Get FREE access to Chapter 5 of the Gospel of John and 3 Meditations for up to 7 Days – no credit card required. Begin your journey to better days and nights.

Meet the Seven Pathways
Digital Experience

Introducing the Seven Pathways Digital Experience—an immersive online journey that invites you to embark on a self-paced exploration of ancient spiritual practices found in the Bible.

here is what is included

Pathways App Preview
Pathways App Preview


Access to Seven Pathways Bible Plans

The main section of this app includes an immersive chapter-by-chapter Bible study plan of the Gospel of John that utilizes the Seven Pathways practices found in the Seven Pathways: Ancient Practices for a Deeper Relationship with God. New study plans on different books of the Bible will be added as we grow.

  • Connect


    Access the True Source of real and lasting change

  • Refresh


    Restore peaceful margin in your day

  • Grow


    Create a daily rhythm of practices to overcome life's challenges

Pathways App Preview
Pathways App Preview


Restore Peaceful Margin in your Day

Give yourself the gift of margin in your day through our meditations. Receive FREE access to three meditations for seven days with no credit card required. Set your focus and start the journey for better days and nights.

  • Slow Down

    Slow Down

    Create a daily rhythm of practices to help you overcome life’s challenges

  • Find Hope

    Find Hope

    Focus on God, the True Source for real and lasting change

  • Renew Your Heart

    Restore Your Heart

    Relax, de-stress, and smile more in your first week

Pathways App Preview
Pathways App Preview

Resources (coming soon)

Resources that Keeps you Encouraged

Our future resource section will be an ever-growing trove of encouraging and transformative content, including enriching articles, videos, and much more, curated and designed to enhance your spiritual journey with God.

Digital Bible Study Plan Access
The Gospel of John

$16.99one time purchase
  • Access to Seven Pathways Digital Bible Study Plan on the Gospel of John
  • Digital Download of Book Club questions for Seven Pathways: Ancient Practices for a Deeper Relationship with God
  • Access to our Meditations Library
  • Free Resources
Start 7 Day Free TrialTry Chapter 5 of the Gospel of John and 3
Meditations for up to 7 days. No Credit Card Required.

“The loneliness meditations encouraged me to reach out to an old friend, and it was a great time of mutual encouragement.”

LaraSeven Pathways Member

“The exercises from the anxiety meditation, Stop the Replay have really helped me to release my emotions/negative thoughts to the Lord. That's a new concept for me!”

SandySeven Pathways Member

“I finally understand that I have an obligation to fully forgive those who victimized me, simply because God first forgave me. I know that the Lord will dispense justice in His own perfect time.”

MalanaiikalaniSeven Pathways Member

“The meditations have helped me to slow down and focus on particular aspects of the Christian faith that I need help with. In just a few minutes of meditating on a Biblical theme, I have gained a deeper understanding of God and how that theme applies to my everyday life.”

KathrynSeven Pathways Member

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