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Refreshingly gentle, strong spirit, fortified through suffering.

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Strengthening people’s faith and fortifying their perseverance to never give up on Jesus.

Creative thinker and pursuer of fashion, theology, and spiritual disciplines in Mary Carmen’s work and studies are unconventionally found side by side. She was an outlier long before the term was popularized. She is a long-term practitioner of spiritual disciplines that started as a regular rhythm for her as a teen. Then later in life these practices became her lifeline to God inspiring her to write her first two books: Seven Practices: Ancient Practices for a Deeper Relationship with God and Seven Pathways: Journey through the Gospel of John. From retreats, Bible studies, events, and conferences to radio shows/podcasts and television, Mary Carmen inspires hope and provides practical tools through the seven pathways to chart a path through suffering and to establish and strengthen a deeper connection with God

Drawing from her personal experiences of pain, suffering, and cancer, she shares her story in a way that will strengthen people to find lasting hope, healing, and love through the daily practices of Seven Pathways. Backed by a wealth of biblical, historical, contemporary and psychological research, Mary Carmen delivers reliable and practical guidelines, and much more to triumph over the pervasive effects of debilitating pain, be it physical, psychological, spiritual or emotional. Mary Carmen will illuminate the path with grit, grace, and hope to healing and a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Speaking Topics

  • How to Use the Seven Pathways for Spiritual Growth

  • Cultivating Silence in a Culture of Noise

  • Strengthening your Relationship with God through Seven Simple, Biblical Practices

  • 3 Ways to Find Purpose in your Pain

  • How to Pursue God within your Struggles

  • Fighting your Battles with the Scriptures and Prayer

  • The Power of Thankfulness in Resetting your Day

  • Inviting God’s Voice to Trump the Noise in your Life

  • Gratitude Blooms in Muddy Waters

  • The Benefits of Biblical Meditation

  • The Theology of Beauty

  • Praying Biblical Laments for Healing and Freedom

  • Singing your Way to Healing and Better Health through the Psalms

  • Barriers to Confession, the Cost of Confession, and Freedom of Confession

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“God can make a river flow in the desert season of your life.”

“Thankfulness breaks the power of ingratitude.”

“Suffering is not the ultimate, redemption is.”

Mary Carmen Englert

founder & president of seven pathways

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